About Us

The Co-operative institution ensures upliftment of financially weak individuals who have meagre resources. In a co-operative they can themselves promote their economic interest by self help and mutual help. The very purpose of co-operative, means to pool the resources of otherwise weaker sections and to make a suitable place for them in the society with dignity. The thrust is on earning profit, which is finally distributed equally amongst its members but ultimately profit is not the real motive of any co-operative.

Keeping this philosophy in mind, A.C.E Co-op T & C Society Ltd was started for the serving employees of erstwhile Indian Airlines and Air India in 1959 at Safdarjung Airport under Registration no 444. With barely few hundred members at the time of inception, the number of members went upto a high of about 11000, but with the employees retiring over a period of time, the present membership stands at a little over 6000. The society was created to lend funds to its members for the promotion of their moral, educational and physical improvements and to encourage the spirit and practice of thrift, self help and mutual help with no profit motive among members.

Currently society is being operated from three locations. 1. Registered Office : Air India premises, I.G.I Airport Trml -1, New Delhi-110037 2. Branch Office : Air India premises, A-320 Hangars, I.G.I Airport Trml-2, New Delhi-110037 3. Branch Office : Air India premises, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi-110003

All the branches and registered office of society are connected through high speed internet and members can transact through any of the locations.

The Society disburses three types of loans to its members viz Regular Loan, Consumer Loan and Emergency Loan.

The Society also undertakes an in house Retirement cum Death benefit Scheme on No profit No Loss basis where a nominal amount is deducted for this purpose every month.